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Intelegain is a leading technology company with a global footprint providing Custom Software Solutions, MS Dynamics 365 services and Azure Cloud Services.

UX is a popular word used today, both in start-ups as well as existing businesses. But before getting to know why is it important for businesses, let us understand what UX or User Experience really is. UX designers delve into an integrated approach when creating a new product or service. This kind of comprehensive approach focuses not just on how a service/product will look but also majorly on how effectively it will be used. …

Azure Migration — Intelegain

If you are keeping up with the fast pace of the revolutionary IT sector, you are most likely to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Year of the pandemic has proved businesses that are more agile in nature bound to suffer less loss even in adverse conditions. The jungle law of survival of the fittest applies to our markets too. The only difference from that is changed fitness measuring criteria such as customer centricity, innovation, adaptability.

Incorporation of cloud platforms and services is one way of revamping and reviving your business. Once you have decided to move on to…

With the mushrooming of new technologies and innovations, building and delivering enterprise software has also changed significantly.

In the last decade, there were dedicated servers for a particular application or a group of applications. But today, these applications are hosted on the cloud. Computational power, storage capabilities, and performance have increased many folds due to the cloud.

The global market size of cloud computing is expected to a new high of USD 832 billion in 2025 from USD 371 billion in 2020 with a 17.5% forecasted annual growth rate. SaaS (Software As a service) alone has grown from 2% of…

During the pandemic, workspaces became decentralized. Technology needs of Businesses have rapidly increased in complexity over the past year. At Intelegain, we’ve experienced an increased Cloud IT spending up 25% in the last 8 months, Azure clocking the greater percentage.

In 2021, the cloud will fuel how companies align with the unstable yet new normal. For instance, it’s uncertain how long we will need to work from home, which means companies need to ingest adaptiveness, responsiveness, and agility to their enterprises. For the same reason, Microsoft Azure’s popularity is ranking higher with their flexible and open cloud platform configuration.


Cloud computing is all the rage these days. A growing number of upcoming businesses as well as long established companies are making the switch to cloud hosting. There are many benefits to this move, a major one being a departure from hardware issues and storage. It is efficient and fast to have data stored on a cloud with the obvious advantage of easy accessibility.

Picking the right cloud hosting platform is crucial. Your data literally depends on it. So, how do you do it?

Here are the top seven things to consider while choosing a cloud hosting plan and platform:

1. Security and Infrastructure Design:

Nobody has ever said that security is overrated. When it comes to picking a cloud hosting…

Written by — Raghav Chopra

5. Samsung M31

Display: 6.4 inch. FHD+ 60hz Amoled

Processer: Exynos 9611

Battery: 6000mAh with 15-watt charger

Rear Camera: 64 + 8 + 5 + 5 megapixels quad camera

Front Camera: 32 megapixels

Like a lot of things that gained traction owing to the wave of digitization, E-learning is here to stay. And, its popularity has only grown with the onset of social distancing during the ongoing global pandemic. Students and professional around the world are turning to online classes and distance education as social distancing and quarantines become the new normal. Interestingly, E-learning has been around for much longer than what many would expect; it dates back to 1999! And here we thought, it just happened a while back.

So, what makes E-learning so appealing? For starters, it is convenient; all you…

Contact tracing apps

As the first half of 2020 leaves the world gasping with COVID-19, global institutions have been engaged on all fronts. Till a viable vaccine for Coronavirus is not developed, technology is the greatest weapon we have during this health crisis. Among others, contact-tracing apps have emerged as the tool of choice for governments and agencies globally.

However, contact-tracing apps in themselves have been rather controversial. These apps, as the name suggests, are designed to trace individual movements and have been a thorny issue with privacy advocates. Nonetheless, they have been indispensable while dealing with the highly contagious Coronavirus.

Here is…

Everyone desires successful results in a single try. Similarly- if you want to build an application, you have to make sure that you do it right the first time. It may not be possible for everyone, but you sure can try your hardest. For that, you need your application to have a robust backend created with a set of tools that allow the reduction of development time and streamlining of resources.

Lately, many developers use a combination of technologies to get better and faster results for mobile and web app development. One such technology is the MEAN stack development.

What is MEAN Stack Development?


Businesses are just getting into disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain, etc. Early adoption, however, isn’t easy, and most new projects do not progress beyond the proof of concept phase. This failure rate is high because of the novelty of technologies applied. Data Science is new; it needs fresh requirements and collaborations into a conventional corporate environment. Complications caused by novelties are hard to predict. A better understanding of new technology before project conception and implementation is needed.

Understanding Business Intelligence

What is Business Intelligence? According to Gartner, Business intelligence is “an umbrella term that includes the applications, infrastructure and…

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