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The tech giant Google invests in new tech products every year. Research and development of various tech solutions is always an ongoing venture for them. How many Google services do you use? Ever had a count? However, as they introduce new products to the world, many Google platforms and tools are a history now.

Google Graveyard:

The term ‘Google Graveyard’ is a popular one among geeks. Google Graveyard is a list of Google products that Google has scrapped. These products do not have a support group anymore as they lie dead on the internet.

This blog takes you on a…

1. Rehost

Often referred to as “lift and shift” migration, this no-code option lets you migrate your existing applications to Azure quickly — without the risks or costs of making code changes.

Use For

· Moving applications to the cloud quickly

· Apps that use Azure IaaS scalability

· Businesses that require the applications but don’t need to change capabilities right away

2. Refactor

Often referred to as “repackage,” this cloud migration strategy involves some change to the application design but no wholesale changes to the application code.

Use For

· When you have an existing codebase and development skills

· Projects where code…

Low-code Software Development

Digitization is not a new concept for today’s businesses. However, what earlier was a voluntary business move, 2020 made omnipresence vital for survival. Besides, it made businesses realize that they don’t have to invest a hefty amount for digitizing their business. A report by suggests that, by 2024, 75% of all the applications built around the world will be made on low-code development tools.

Simply put, for non-coding folks, creating software is not a puzzler anymore! Low-development is a method with which you can easily create software solutions and applications with the help of pre-built code and easy-to-work interfaces. …

Data has become the new precious asset in the tech world, and indeed for a reason. Today, data risks are considered to be one of the major risks in businesses. Have you ever seen a venture that has not faced issues such as system failures, cyberattacks, natural hazards, accidents, network failures? Unfortunately, no matter how much effort every firm puts in, the answer often is no.

Be it any disaster; such events tangibly affect businesses. Two points: (1) Natural and man-made disasters, network failures are beyond your control. (2) Downtime in your work can affect productivity, yields, and brand image…

Every industry strives to offer the best client experience. But with an industry like wealth management, the role can be tricky! Microsoft Dynamics 365 prepares firms for what they may not have anticipated while building client relations.

When the service you are offering deals with an instrument as crucial as money, trust is the foremost important factor in building client relationships. Changing dynamics in the wealth management industry is raising the customer expectation bar higher every day. What does it include? Undoubtedly assurance, security, personalization, and many long-term benefits along the way.

Before the blog explains how Microsoft Dynamics 365…

With the major cloud shift taking place in 2020, the year gave a great sneak peek of how the future of cloud computing is going to be, let alone 2021!

Just when you thought that cloud computing was a technology that will make news in the future, boom! 2020 happened! The world shifted to clouds as a blessing in disguise. We live in a tech-driven world where data has become the most important factor. Cloud computing is only making technology work better by making data easily accessible and usable. Look around you; most devices that you use are connected to…

Data affairs in the insurance industry are crucial yet complex. To manage the same, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is doing more than the needful. What benefits are exactly gaining traction among insurance agencies and brokers?

There’s inherent complexity in the way the insurance sector operates and manages its data and clientele relationships. Although the huge ERP systems do the job for large organizations, they come at an expensive cost for SMEs and insurance brokers. Additionally, the drawbacks of spreadsheets such as data vulnerability, difficulty in regulatory compliance, susceptibility to human errors and poor consolidation are quite evident. …

Take advantage of transition to Dynamics Business Central

* Are you a Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics GP, -NAV or -SL on-premises customer on the Dynamics Price List prior to June 1, 2020
* Do you have an active Enhancement Plan and be within 30 days of your organization’s offer renewal date
* Have you purchased Dynamics 365 Business Central (Cloud) licenses with an annualized total greater than or equal to your annual Enhancement Plan renewal amount
* Do you meet and maintain licensing requirements for the term of your CSP subscription to prevent a lapse or expiration of your Enhancement Plan offer in the Dynamics Price List

If your organization meets the above requirements, then you must take advantage of the CSP Enhancement Plan Renewal Offer:

Azure Migration — Intelegain

If you are keeping up with the fast pace of the revolutionary IT sector, you are most likely to gain a competitive advantage in the market. Year of the pandemic has proved businesses that are more agile in nature bound to suffer less loss even in adverse conditions. The jungle law of survival of the fittest applies to our markets too. The only difference from that is changed fitness measuring criteria such as customer centricity, innovation, adaptability.

Incorporation of cloud platforms and services is one way of revamping and reviving your business. Once you have decided to move on to…

With the mushrooming of new technologies and innovations, building and delivering enterprise software has also changed significantly.

In the last decade, there were dedicated servers for a particular application or a group of applications. But today, these applications are hosted on the cloud. Computational power, storage capabilities, and performance have increased many folds due to the cloud.

The global market size of cloud computing is expected to a new high of USD 832 billion in 2025 from USD 371 billion in 2020 with a 17.5% forecasted annual growth rate. SaaS (Software As a service) alone has grown from 2% of…


Intelegain is a leading technology company with a global footprint providing Custom Software Solutions, MS Dynamics 365 services and Azure Cloud Services.

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